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What Is Special About Us ?

Welcome to the self- service kiosk for your Credit Improvement Program – An initiative to build a credit health society in India

- Analyze your credit report

- Rectify errors in your credit report

- Make the payments to the bank if required – Ensure to be credit healthy

- Be credit worthy with us


Clients Testimonials


We help you in credit restoration , communication with the banks and credit bureaus a finally to make you credit healthy.

Credit Report Analysis

We analyze your credit report and help you to understand the problem in your credit report and the reason behind it in details.


Then we give you an automated templates regarding your problem and guide you to how to raise the issue with the banks and credit bureaus and get them solved.

Credit health improvement program

Once the issues are solved and communicated then we guide you to how to maintain and grow your credit health.

Initiative to build a credit healthy society in India ! Watch the video below

Our market research of meeting 1500+ customers and 650+ bankers led us to build this platform which helps Banks and consumers alike towards a Win-Win situation!!! UdhaarSudhaar support structure boasts of market leaders into the banking space. We have on board some of the most forward thinking professionals and influencers of the decade
What else we offer:

1. UdhaarSudhaar - Credit restoration program 2. Credit Kundali - Compatibility credit health check before we get into any kind of Human Relationship (Eg: Engagement, Marriage, Business, etc) 3. Employee Credit health check (For Employers, Recruiters) 4. Vendors and Suppliers & agencies credit health check 5. For Schools - First level of verification regarding credit health of parents / guardian of ward We offer our products at very reasonable entry pricing and at high speeds of Turnaround times (TAT) for client requests.


Customers Solved




Hours of work




This is our flagship service. We provide Consumers relevant handholding to get their credit score restored.

This will enable Customers to:

a. Pay back their existing loans, if any (helps banks reduce on their NPAs (Non Performing Assets)

b. Avail fresh loans based on their restored credit score

c. Live Life with their head held high

How does this work:

a) Customers share their cases with us (banks can share use cases with us with a confidentiality clause attached, of course).

b) UdhaarSudhaar ascertains the individual’s case and suggests relevant remedial measures

c) Handholds the individual towards the goal of getting their credit health score restored to normalcy

d) Assists the individual / client till the logical conclusion of their case

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