What we do

Our Credit Restoration Program

We help you in credit restoration , communication with the banks and credit bureaus to finally make you credit healthy.

01. Credit Report Analysis

We believe consumers have the right to understand their own Credit Report. We fetch your score, analyze the report and provide a detailed review.

02. Communicate with Banks

Our interface is designed with an automated template, which guides the consumer to communicate directly with banks and credit bureaus and understand their problems.

03. Credit Health Improved

As the problem is communicated, our team communicates with banks and credit bureaus gets your credit health improved. We then help our consumers to then maintain and improve their credit score for future endeavors.

Our Corporate Gateway’s

We offer our products at very reasonable entry pricing and at high speeds of Turnaround times (TAT) for client requests.

01. Bank’s DSA

We help in reducing the operational cost associated with Banks DSA’s with our nominal pricing model.

02. Employee Credit Health

We validate the employees’ profile by verifying their address, tele, document verification along with their borrowing behavior.

03. Multifarious Services

We provide credit report of individual to Visa Offices, Schools and entities who check credit health during their application process. Our Services ensure smooth gateway to both individuals and entities for their application process and hence reducing operational cost and time.


What People Say ?

My loan was getting rejected from last couple of years , I knew I had a CIBIL problem but was unable to resolve it. Then I was referred to UdhaarSudhaar and guess what , I got my Home Loan done from the bank and my credit report problem got rectified within a week’s time. Kudo’s to UdhaarSudhaar.

Suman Chakrobarty , Kolkata

My daughter applied for an education loan through one of the banks, it got rejected since I had some problems on my credit card which hampered my CIBIL score and I was not aware about it. Then after doing a research work my daughter came to know about UdhaarSudhaar and after consulting credit coach from UdhaarSudhaar , they helped me in finding the problem on my report and it got resolved after making payments to the bank. Now I am credit healthy and my daughter is in US for her master’s. Biggest take away from UdhaarSudhaar – They taught me how to be responsible towards your credit health. I am proud to be credit healthy now.

Amit Lamba , Gujarat

We tried for a housing loan in India near my home town but it got rejected due to poor credit score. My Chartered Accountant referred me to UdhaarSudhaar executive and after doing a diligence we came to know that last EMI of one loan account was pending and that bank doesn’t exist anymore. UdhaarSudhaar took it up very confidently and got it resolved and our home loan was sanctioned last month. Excellent service !

Sunita Reddy, Phoenix (Arizona)

How it Works!

01. Register with us

Simply fill up your basic details or even you can log in using your social media like FB, G+, etc.

02.Upload your KYC and Credit Report

Please upload your KYC and credit report , system will automatically analyze them and help you with the further Process. If you don’t have one we can help you to pull your credit report.

03. Communication

As soon as you confirm , you can immediately shoot an email to banks and credit bureaus raising your concern.

Try it now

Compatibility credit health check before we get into any kind of Human Relationship (Eg: Engagement, Marriage, Business, etc)

At CreditKundali we help you with the credit health check of your to be spouse and their family to ensure that you head towards the right hands ! After all this is one of the biggest decisions of your life.

CREDScoreplus is a movement to improve the credit health of the Indian society with the power of API platform and world-wide databases. The company intends to build an environment which is profitable to both individuals, banking and non-banking companies.
CREDScoreplus has empowered its 1700+ clients on their credit side and helped them understand the behavior of the banks with respect to their credit report and have also made aware about the importance of maintaining their basic financial discipline, which ultimately helps them to improve on their creditworthiness in the economy. The boot camps undertaken has educated our clients about basic financial principles and assisted them in tackling worries such as lack of savings, overflowing credit card bills or a poor credit score.

How does our service help the customers?

  • Improve Creditworthiness in the society.
  • Lower interest rates for future Loans.
  • Approval of higher limits with more rewards on your Credit Card.
  • High chances of loan approval

Lets Follow our Procedure

  • Login with your details
  • Customer uploads relevant documents
  • We pull out customers Credit Report and provide a detailed review about the same.
  • We then push the customers to our interface which provides templates directly linked to Banks and Credit bureaus.
  • After the problem is communicated to banks, our team of experts help in resolving and improving the credit score of the individuals till we achieve a logical conclusion.


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